Frontline Spray 250ml

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What it is FRONTLINE Spray works fast and lasts long to protect your dogs and cats (8 weeks of age or older) from fleas, ticks and chewing lice. The waterproof spray works immediately, killing up to 100% of existing fleas within 24 hours and lasting for up to 30 days. When applied regularly, FRONTLINE Spray also helps to treat flea allergy dermatitis and prevent reinfestation by killing fleas before they lay eggs. 

Who it's for Dogs and cats that are 8 weeks of age or older.


Prescription (RX) needed No

Dosage Apply once a month. Do not reapply FRONTLINE Plus for 30 days.

Active IngredientsActive Ingredients Fipronil 0.29%


  1. Using gloves, hold the bottle in an upright position. 
  2. Separate animal’s coat with one hand and spray mist evenly and directly onto animal’s body. For head and eye area, spray onto hand and rub into hair, avoiding contact with eyes.
  3. Turn nozzle to X position to close.